Airport pick-up, drop-off
From the moment you land at the airports in Vietnam, our driver will be there to greet you and offer you personalized service until delivering you to your hotel or any other desired location. Airport pick-up/drop-off is one of our popular services and we do it with a welcoming and attentive attitude that will give you the best impression of our homeland..

Services to travelers
For a couple traveling to Vietnam with a planned itinerary, we recommend a car with a good driver who will always be at your side if you happen to encounter a problem on the roads. The private car is for your exclusive use, and provides the most comfort.
For a family holiday with 4 to 8 persons, a private mini van is definitely a choice and it will be the most cost-effective rental while privacy and comfort level is maintained.
A larger group should consider our County Van (a larger van) that can accommodate 12 persons. With all these choices, our driver will be a plus in providing you with his excellent services and will also help you with your luggage.

Services to businessmen
If you are a businessperson looking for a nice luxury sedan to drive around with your partners or inviting them for a weekend cruise, a golf outing or other outdoors activity, we are your purveyors of these services. Our team of professional drivers, who are helpful and able to speak English, will help make your trip a relaxed experience with the fine service and luxurious style that you deserve.

Services to inter-provincial business
For social workers or the staff of an NGO who spend days on the roads traveling through towns and villages on his/her schedule, Rentalcar Vietnam is the way to go. An experienced driver with vast knowledge of the areas and a private, roomy, comfortable SUV should be first on your list. Not only will you, as the passenger, be comfortable but there will be lots of room for your business materials and equipment. Contact our operator and give us your detailed request for the best answers and arrangements.

Long-term service contract
If you have been transferred to Vietnam for a new job or are about to move your family within Vietnam for an extended-duration assignment, we are happy to offer you a long-term service contract. Many of our drivers have developed good relationships and a network of friends with their long-term customers. Contact us and, using the form on our website, provide us with your specific information and requirements. You will receive a prompt quotation from us. We have been trusted and certified by many of our past and on-going customers such as Vietnam World Vision, Blenheim Real Estate, Gras Savoye, Marsh, Temasek Finance and many more.